Exxoss is a company specialized in hosting and infrastructure. They have a strong experience in Cloud computing, networking, system administration, monitoring, DRP, ... We have been trusting them for years and are very proud of the work made together



Webismymind is a company specialized in the development of web and mobile applications. They develop tailor-made solutions as well as our own business management applications: Hiflow, Timetrack and Billder. They are also strong advocates of Open Source solutions.



ensures the creation and development of websites, web advertising campaigns, mobile applications and print media. Each project is an opportunity to challenge their assets: Creativity, precision and attention to details

We're looking for a new Java / AngularJS developer !

Do you want to join the Yelido Team ? Check the job offer and send us a request at if your profile matches.

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David Wery

CEO at Yelido with an agile view of the development. Focus on reaching users needs. The satisfaction of the client is my primary goal. Fluent in English and in French. Spring Framework lover.
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Gilles Colemans

I'm a Java developer, interested in integration and backend development. Conscientious, the user's satisfaction is always my mean goal. Naturaly calm and open to people, I like managing projects and teams. At work like at home, sharing is essential; weither around an exciting new project or a home made meal and a bottle of wine. Music, cycling and running are my mean hobbies.
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Benjamin Demarteau

I've been dismantling my own toys ever since I was a child. Growing up, I was blown away by what computers could do. It's only natural that I started learning programming (first on a casio calculator, a graph 25+). It's now many years later and I still like understanding everything.
I like rewriting pieces of software from scratch to deeply understand how they work before using widely used implementations. My interests lie in security and software performance, I also have strong opinions on UX design. Outside the tech world, when I'm not listening to music or playing guitare, I often go for a rollerblade tour in the summer or ice skating in the winter.
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Morgane Vandenrijt

Reserved by nature, my presence within the team adds a feminine touch. If you are interested in knowing me better, I can summarize my personality with only three words: Live, Love, Laugh.
Being surrounded by people I love and living from simple things is how I pursue happiness.
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Philippe Lodomez

Java and iOS Developper for many years, I'm someone really ambitious and open with to the others. Since my professional beginnings, I learned a lot of knowledge thanks to the wide panel of projects I had the opportunity to managed. I'm realy focus on the customer satisfaction. I always enjoyed design and graphism, that's why I usually develop front-end applications.

I'm passionate about photography, travels and cycling. I'm married and have a little daughter called Emy.

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Jean Marc Truillet

I have a long experience in C++ low level development and afterwards in Java service oriented solutions. I like analyzing a business to extract abstract concepts and workflows to convert in software. My main concern is to propose a product that is perfectly designed for customer use and further developments. The rest of my time is dedicated to my family and friends.