GDPR compliance

Nowadays, a lot of companies possess large quantities of personal data. However, too few of them know exactly how this data is stored or even protected. Up until now, companies have paid little attention to private data but with the GDPR regulation coming up, everything will change...


In short

In short

It's a new regulation with the aim to transform the gathering, the usage and the way we share private data.



Every company who deal with private data of European citizens.



Cannot collect more data than needed, possibility to erase user data, 72h maximum to notify users of a leak and many more.



Up until 4% of worldwide turnover fines.



Entry into force is expected the 25th may 2018.

Did you know that?

Did you know that?

Nearly 70% of companies are saying that they are not prepared but only 20% have fears for their business.

Where to start to get ready and what are the practical steps to take?

Assess risks

Raise awareness in the company about the upcoming regulation and the impact that it will have on your business.

Make an inventory

Identify exactly what kind of data do you possess and where they are stored to determine the changes to make to be GDPR compliant. After, it’s useful to plan the actions that you need to undertake in the future.

Assign a controller

Assign a controller to manage the compliance with GDPR. The person, also called DPO, needs to possess a deep understanding of the GDPR regulation. He can be an employee of the company or work on a contract basis.

Modify what’s necessary at the IT level

For example, to obtain the approval of the application users, clarifying the data usage, be able to notify in 72h a breach in the security, be able to delete or correct data, make the data portable, ensure the right to oblivion,...

Write a charter

Write a charter that will resume the best practices to define the way to deal with personal data in the future. It's necessary to be sure that these new rules are understood by every employee and partners.

Think about the future

Implement an automatized system for the future. Every new project will need to be compliant with these rules.

Our approach

If you are in one of the situations below :

  • I don't know exactly how well my company is GDPR compliant.

  • I don't know what kind of data I possess from my clients and where they are stored.

  • I don't know what are the risks to introduce a new system or a new process.

  • I don't know where I need to begin implementing GDPR in my applications.

  • I don't know what are the changes and the responsibilities to impose to my employees.

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