Here’s what we are able to do ...

  • Databases
  • Server Web Application
  • Web Services
  • Java Swing Application
  • Mobile Apps (iOS/Android)
  • Server monitoring
  • ERP

... make your choice!

Which technology should you choose?

We are there to provide you the best advices.
Our experience on business software creation will help you and affect you on the right direction.

Scrum methodology.

Every projects begin with the same procedure. We need to understand your need, analyse it and create with you the line to follow during the project creation.

We use the scrum methodology, In Scrum, projects are divided into succinct work cadences, known as sprints, which are typically two or three weeks. At the end of each sprint, scrum members meet to assess the progress of a project and plan its next steps.

Understand what we are talking about!

Java is not only a cup of coffee...
Everything need to be clear and well understand by every partners of the project.